What is NeuroSTR?

NeuroSTR is a neuroanatomy toolbox for C++. It reads and processes three-dimensional neuron reconstructions in the most common file formats and offers a huge set of functions and utilities to work with them.

NeuroSTR is still work in progress, so expect things to be a bit rough still. However, this isn't as bad as it seems. Since we are actively developing the library, we are open to suggestions. Do you have a specific problem or a new brilliant feature that NeuroSTR could implement? Send us an email or open an issue in the repository and we will address it as soon as possible.

NeuroSTR is open source, licenced under the GNU general public licence version 2/3 (GPL2/3).

What does NeuroSTR offer?

Prebuilt Utilities

... and more!


Create new measures with little coding effort. Just a few lines are enough to build what you need.


Are you a performance freak? A bit impatient maybe? Or you need to process hundreds of neurons and you don't have a supercomputer at hand? NeuroSTR is exactly what you need. The library makes extensive use of C++ template metaprogramming which makes it amazingly fast. Here are the benchmark results in a desktop computer (i7-4970k @ 4GHz w\ 16Gb RAM @ 1600MHz ) :


Mean read time


Mean runtime - VPM_1


Mean runtime - VPM_1

Compatible with neuroviewer

Visualize your reconstructions in 3D with NeuroViewer , a typescript library to render 3D reconstructions.

Start Using NeuroSTR!

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