The MapExtension is the fundamental extension of MultiMap, it permits to load a configuration file (in map.json format), create, export and mainly visualize maps.

What is a map

A map is just an ensemble of layers, every layers can be one of the following:



Load a map

To load a map you can either select the map.json file from the menu Maps > Load map or dragging the map.json file into the application, in the maps list. You can also use the :heavy_plus_sign: button in the header bar.

If in the map is defined a basePath variable MultiMap will show a warning and ask you if you want to redefine locally the basePath value (just do it for locally saved maps).

Create a map

To create a new map use the Maps > Create map menu or the :heavy_plus_sign: button in the header bar. You will have to input the name of the map and the map will be created, you can then add layers.

Add layers

First, you have to load the map where you want to add a layer. Once you have selected the map, just use the :heavy_plus_sign: button or the menu entry Maps > Add layer you have different choices:

Add layers from file

Depending on the type of file:

Export a map

To export the map as a map.json file, just select the :arrow_down: button or use the Maps > Export map menu. MultiMap try to remove basePath from the urls of the layers, this feature not always work (we plan to fix it soon).

Expert Mode

If you select expert mode from